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Sometimes a girl just NEEDS fabric! Well I didn’t really “NEED” any because this is totally ME!


I haven’t had new fabric in a good while though so I was having withdrawals! HA! I usually just order 1/4 yard cuts or fat quarters since all I use it for is appliqué. I spent way to many hours looking on Etsy and then of course my favorite online fabric shop TJ’s Fabric! I decided on quite a few and my small hoard from TJ’s arrived today! I am always excited about mail when I know I have fabric coming 🙂 I had WAY more than this in my cart but had to narrow it down! If only fabric was all we had to buy….SIGH!!! GROWN UP PROBLEMS!!!


Doesn’t it look so pretty!!!

AND….Here they are all laid out so you can see them a little better 🙂


These are from the Michael Miller Arrow Flight collection. I don’t have anything specific in mind for these, I just liked them!


I have been wanting some “tribal” looking fabric and I love these! It is all from the Michael Miller Fiesta collection.


I have already had several request for new appliqué designs for the 4th of July so I ordered these with the 4th in mind. The second one from the left looks black but it is actually navy. I took the picture several times and never could make it look navy!

From left to right: The wave fabric is from the Riley Blake Fly Aweigh collection. There are a few super cute lobster prints in this line as well. The two damask prints are from the Riley Blake Hollywood collection. There are quite a few colors of the damask in this collection. I hope to add more of them to my stash soon! Next up is the red and navy quatrefoil. It is from the Riley Blake Quatrefoil collection. There are also many colors in this collection. And last is Riley Blake Wave Chevron in navy.


I am always on the lookout for solids that aren’t really solid…IF that even makes any sense! These where perfect! These are from the Robert Kaufman Remix collection. There are several other prints in this collection as well. I “think” I ordered every color TJ’s offers in this particular print.


These are from the Windham Fabrics Kinetic collection and they scream SURF BOARD to me so don’t be surprised to see a new surfboard appliqué soon at Appliqué Momma!


Here are few more “semi-solid” prints. Yeah that sounds weird I know! These are from the Moda From Baby to Bump collection. These just scream summer to me and well….I am READY for summer! Of course once it gets here and is in full swing I will be ready for fall. I guess I am lucky I live in the south! Once we get tired of one season another is right around the corner!


Do you see a pattern here?! I think “semi-solid” was what I was after! These are from the Michael Miller Sea Buddies collection.  There are some other really cute prints in this collection too! They all scream summer!


And last but certainly not least. The top two are from the Michael Miller Arrow Flight collection as well. I should have pictured those with the others from this collection…BUT I didn’t and I am too lazy to take a new picture 😉 The bottom one is from the Art Gallery Dreamin Vintage collection. There are a few more colors in in this print too!

That is it from my latest TJ’s order! If you “need” fabric be sure to check out there website! One of my favorite things about their site is they allow you to order 1/4 yard cuts! Many sites have a half yard minimum and for appliqué 1/4 yard is really all I need! I can get a good many appliqués out of that and it also allows me to have more of a variety of fabrics! Happy Hump Day and don’t blame me if you now have to go and order some fabric 😉


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